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At a young age, Rachel began studying a variety of different dance forms, the most significant and impactful of all was ballet, which she trained in for 9 years at Southold Dance Theater, South Bend's Pre-professional dance studio. During this time and after, Rachel studied hip hop, modern, jazz, ballroom, tap, and character. She has trained with a range of  professionals from instructors at the American Ballet Theater to Broadway dancers. Since her formal dance training, she has taken on choreography as a career and continues to train in both dance classes and workshops.


Choreography has always been a passion for Rachel. At 10 she was choreographing to her favorite pop songs and by college she was an award-winning choreographer. Rachel is has work on variety of theatrical shows including My Heart Says Go, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She created award-winning choreography for the Youth American Grand Prix competition, both in ensemble and solo pieces. Rachel explores the nuisances of dance with each project she takes on and works to find the story in all of her work.




My Heart Says Go (Jorge Rivera-Herrans) | (Dir. Matt Hawkins)


Jesus Christ Superstar|  University of Notre Dame (Dir. Matt Hawkins)


Hunchback of Notre Dame | South Bend Civic Theatre  ( Dir. Josh Napierkowski)


Stupid Humans (Now My Heart Says Go) | University of Notre Dame (Dir. Matt Hawkins)


West Side Story | The Mainstage Inc. ( Dir. Alex Price)


The Sound of Music   || MHS Theater ( Dir. Victoria Malooley)


Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP)  | Southold Dance Theater (Erica Fischbach)